Member's Handbook

By: Editor  Published: 5/20/2017

Download the EYSO Member's Handbook here.
Download the EYSO Member's Handbook here.


Orchestra musicians are required to attend all rehearsals, retreats and performances! They are expected to arrive on time and stay to the rehearsal's conclusion. Each musician plays an integral part in the success of the orchestra. A musician's absence affects the entire orchestra team.

An attendance sheet is posted inside the door of each rehearsal room. It is the student's responsibility to initial the attendance sheet at each rehearsal. Students should check the spelling of their name and write in any corrections, as this is how their names will be spelled in the concert programs. Students cannot sign in for another student.


If you have a conflict with a rehearsal or performance and it is not possible to work out an alternative arrangement, please notify your conductor well in advance. Your absence may impact scheduled sectional rehearsals and instrumentation.

For a planned absence:

Students should submit an Absence Notification Form at least two (2) weeks before a rehearsal absence and at least four (4) weeks before a concert absence.

The Absence Notification Form is located on the EYSO website, and when submitted will send an email to the attendance secretary and orchestra conductors. The link is located on the left sidebar of this page.

For sudden illness or family emergency:

Students should contact EYSO as soon as possible the day of rehearsal by email:

or inform our membership coordinator at 425-258-2028.

Please provide name, orchestra, instrument, date of absence, type (arriving late, absent, leaving early) and reason for absence.

Arriving late to rehearsal or leaving early will be considered ┬Ż an absence (unless released early by conductor).

If a student has missed more than (2) two rehearsals during a concert cycle, participation in the concert will be at the discretion of the conductor.

A student's attendance record will be considered when determining orchestra placement.

School Music Program Policy

EYSO members are required to participate in their school music program on their respective orchestra instruments.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. EYSO is highly committed to supporting school music programs.
  2. Daily practice with a group is essential to developing orchestra performance skills.


Students must maintain a respectful relationship with the conductor and fellow musicians. Rehearsal rooms must be left clean and in order. It is very important to leave them in good condition. Parents are responsible for picking up their children immediately after rehearsal ends.


All orchestras rehearse every Monday night from September to May, except for school closures as observed in the Everett School District. Rehearsals are held at Henry M. Jackson High School Band and Choir rooms 1508 136th St. SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012.

All orchestra rehearsals begin at 6:00pm.

Sonata Strings concludes at 7:30
Concert Orchestra concludes at 8:30


Each musician is responsible for music distributed to him/her. Please bring your music to each rehearsal.


Concerts are held at Henry M. Jackson High School, 1508 136th St. SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012.

Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door: $10 per adult, $5 per student. Plenty of free parking is available.

Concert schedule is published here.

Concert Attire

Concert Group
  Black dress shirt or blouse--partial sleeve ok, no thin straps or strapless blouses.
  Black pants/long skirt.
  Black bow tie optional.
  Black dress shoes.
  Black stockings/socks.

Sonata Group
White dress shirt or blouse--partial sleeve ok, no thin straps or strapless blouses.
  Black pants/long skirt.
  Black bow tie optional.
  Black dress shoes.
  Black stockings/socks.

PLEASE: No jeans, cargo pants, sneakers, etc. No bare midriffs or shoulders please.

Dress respectfully in a manner befitting your role as a representative of Everett Youth Symphony.


Tuition is the primary source of operating funds for the Everett Youth Symphony. The funds are used to pay conductor salaries, the music librarian, coaches, purchase new music, and pay for rehearsal space.

Tuition for the 2017-2018 season.

  By First Rehearsal 2-Payment Plan
Concert Orchestra: $700.00 $375.00
Sonata Strings: $500.00 $275.00

If you have more than one child joining an orchestra with us, a sibling discount of 10% is available. Pay full tuition for the first, and the discount applies to any subsequent enrollment.

Tuition, if not paid in full by the first rehearsal in September, is charged an additional $50.00. Two-Payment plan payments are due by the second rehearsal in September and the second rehearsal in January.

Tuition payments must be current to participate in rehearsals and concerts.

If you have questions or concerns about tuition, contact us at for more information.

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